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Our Story

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Like many other small businesses, we are connected to a community that we love and appreciate.  Our beginnings were simple, and it's thanks to this incredible community and the generous people within it that we've been able to grow into who we are today.  We are very grateful for all of your support. 

My husband Mark and I opened Hang Loose in 2013. I've always loved working with my hands to make unique and beautiful things. As a hairdresser, I’ve been cutting, coloring, and styling hair for many years. 

In 2009, when our daughter went off to college, I found myself having more time to be creative, and so I began making jewelry.  At that time, I was a hairdresser at Bellus Salon & Spa, and I started selling my earrings at a small table near my chair.  As my jewelry became more popular, we decided to start selling it at small art fairs. With our simple folding table and chairs, we had the pleasure of connecting with people who were drawn to my work.


Eventually, we took a leap and opened own location here in the Gallery of Shops, and thus Hang Loose Boutique was born. We are located where Triple D coffee shop used to be, just across the hall from Bellus Salon & Spa.

We've grown over the years from a simple shop selling my homemade jewelry to a boutique selling all types of products including handbags and clothing.  Many of the products we offer are made by other local artisans and craftspeople.

We love creating opportunities for women to look and feel good.  We are committed each day to giving our clients a comfortable, cared-for experience. When you come into our boutique and salon, your happiness is our top priority. To us, you’re not a customer, it’s more personal than that… you’re a client. 

Please come in and see us! We have great team of caring staff. We look forward to meeting and building a lasting relationship with you!

Hanging Loose, 


Debbie, Mark, Linda, Feletia, Dawn, Ada and our extended team!

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